running the never ending race

Hey ladies! What’s the prize? Please, tell me. I would love to know. What’s the prize for being the prettiest, skinniest, funniest, smartest, most talented, most successful, and most popular lady?

The answer: nothing. There isn’t a prize.

So why are we constantly competing?
A while back I was in a locker room, where I overheard two ladies talking. One of the ladies complimented the other on a pair of pants she had on, and her response was “oh thanks, I got them at Target for $10! I only tell people where I get my things so I can show off that I got better deals on my clothes than they did.”
Immediately when I heard that, in my head I thought “you’re kidding, right?”

I always tell ladies where I got what I’m wearing so they can go out and buy the same thing and get the same deals as myself. I couldn’t believe this lady was making something so small as her outfit a competition. The saddest part is I’m sure she didn’t even realize she was doing it.
Being competitive with other ladies has sadly become something that we just do. It’s engrained in our brains as we grow up. People at school, our families, our friends, even strangers. It’s all around us. For some reason, competing with other women is something so many of us just naturally do without even realizing it. And I cannot seem to figure out why.
We want to be the prettiest, most successful, and most wanted female out there, but for what? So we’ll win over the hot guy at the bar? So we’ll get the better paying job? Why? Why does being “the best” matter in the grand scheme of things?

The answer: it doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter, and no one is the best.
Ladies, I have news for you. There is no “best.” We all have our own unique strengths, traits, and talents. No one is better than the other. We all have our own beautiful bodies, curves, and sizes. Just because some girl is 5’11,’’ weighs 115lbs, and fits into a size 00 most certainly doesn’t mean that she’s better than you. That doesn’t mean she’s more fit than you. Just because some girl has better eyebrows, softer or longer hair than you, or smoother skin, doesn’t make her prettier than you.
You are beautiful because you are YOU. There is no other you. So let’s start accepting and bettering who WE are and who we were created to be, rather than always looking at the other girl and trying to be who she was made to be.
Ladies, let’s put an end to tearing any and all other ladies down, and let’s put a start to instead, building one another up to know that we ARE truly our own individual, and we are not the lady exercising next to us at the gym. We are unique in who we are. Our size is unique because it’s the size of OUR body and not someone else’s. Our faces are unique and beautiful just the way they are, because they were sculpted and shaped in the way they were meant to be.
Let’s face it, we are all insecure about our looks and abilities, contrary to what anyone says. No matter how confident we may be or appear, those insecurities are still there and will always be there. So knowing that, let’s stop feeding those insecurities with more fuel. Instead, let’s go against what the false thoughts in our brains are telling us, and encourage one another that we are beautiful no matter what shape or size we are. We are smart and talented in our own ways, and should never be compared to anyone else. We are all beautiful and should all be so proud of who we have become.
So I’m going to keep encouraging. I’m going to keep telling ladies where I got my outfit so that they can go out and buy the exact same thing as me, and share in that joy of finding a deal. I’m going to keep telling ladies that they are beautiful contrary to what they may believe that day. And I’m going to keep fighting against my own insecurities, and focus on others and loving all you ladies out there. We are amazing, ladies! Let’s never let one another forget that.

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